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Animmersion UK

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Boho One
Bridge Street West
Teesside, TS2 1AE, UK

We create computer-generated 3D images, animations and simulations. This can be for: - sales & marketing (e.g. images in brochures or catalogues) - online promotions and animated product clips - interactive product manuals and user guides - interactive maps - client-side products (e.g. interactive maintenance or trouble-shooting guides) - training (interactive 3D simulations; 24/7 remote learning) - online user interfaces for complex processes or large product ranges

Major customer segments include engineering, process products and equipment, offshore and subsea, energy, construction, architecture

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Animmersion UK Ltd
- Jan 17 2019

We’re delighted to be here at the launch of the immersive hybrid reality offshore turbine launch @newcastlecol with…

Animmersion UK Ltd
- Jan 13 2019

We very much look forward to finding out more about the future of our local airport! 'A takeover, a name change and…

Animmersion UK Ltd
- Jan 12 2019

“A new production explores the fertile terrain between VR, augmented reality and immersive drama. But will this kin…

Animmersion UK Ltd
- Jan 11 2019

We have extensive experience of delivering quality, cost-effective projects across the globe, ensuring that we meet…

Animmersion UK Ltd
- Jan 10 2019

We can #animate even the most technically complex products/services, creating a showcase that emphasises features a…