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Blueprint Product Design offerings a full Turn-key service. We can handle each stage of a product design process by taking responsibility for all the back office work i.e. research, design, development and production of boxed product. All you need to do is the front of house work - sell the product.

Our team will always offer you a bespoke service that is tailored specifically for your needs ensuring you have a viable business offering. Get in touch with us and you will find a friendly team that will be more than happy to have a chat and see how we can help.

Work Examples


Blueprint were tasked by Ecolab to provide a cost effective product that would help health authorities rollout a large scale Infection Control program. Strict cost and time scales where the primary constraints in the project, all while the requirements for a strong and identifiable brand image where becoming ever more important in the market. The team created an iconic design that has become instantly identifiable within the sector, but with the biggest achievement being that the whole turn-key project was turned around from concept sketch to moulded product in 4 weeks. Blueprint continue to supply the product in the market today

Chameleon Technology

Chameleon Technology (UK) Ltd was founded in 2010 to provide UK and international energy retailers with smart in-home energy monitors. As a start-up company, the directors had a wealth of knowledge and vision for how to enter the market, however, without an in-house design team, they commissioned Blueprint to provide both enclosure and graphical interface design services through to production ready data. The Blueprint team worked very closely with the Directors of Chameleon to conceptualise and develop, both the enclosure of the IHD-1 and it's graphical user interface to make sure every line, curve and size was in place for a reason. The interaction between the product and the end user had to be natural, considering all elements of the product design from holding the unit to pressing a button. Since our involvement, Chameleon Technology has continued to grow year on year, securing contracts with members of the big six utility companies, and winning numerous industry awards for innovation.

ENER-G Switch 2 G2 Prepay Unit

ENER-G Switch2 is a major Energy Services Company providing clean tech solutions to both public and private sectors in over 17 countries. Not only did the client want a major aesthetic upgrade, but also as part of a huge cost saving strategy, wanted the enclosure to be as flexible as possible, allowing it to be installed as a two part optional upgrade, a major challenge for both ourselves and the electronic designers. As a unique approach, Blueprint offered the solution of a three part enclosure consisting of a mains supply box, a smart reversible safety bezel, and the main interactive prepay ‘plug-in’ module. This unique design allows the main supply box to be connected and made safe without the prepay module installed. As well as providing an innovative design solution, Blueprint also sourced manufacturing and provided the client with boxed product as part of a full turn key service.

Winner - Most Innovative New Product: Housing Innovation Awards 2013

Innovia Bank Note Scanner

Innovia Systems specialise in providing the banking industry with a range of services, equipment and software to authenticate banknotes, assess the quality of banknotes in circulation and assist in the publics acceptance of Innovia Guardian® plastic  banknotes. Blueprint was tasked with a re-design of the products for mass production, which included both desktop and hand-held scanners. The Blueprint team worked very closely with Innovia and their preferred supplier to understand the design requirements of the products and how they fit within the company’s business plan. Blueprint was able to maintain the original style but with a full redevelopment, reducing the number of manufacturing processes and components required. It was also an important requirement to reduce human assembly error risks and improve on the overall performance of the product. It was awarded the Honourable Mention Red Dot Award: Design Concept in 2015  

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