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thewritestuff PR is ideal for businesses who have a great design idea . . . or who are starting to grow and who would like to grow more quickly.
A well illustrated press release written to national newspaper standard can be used not only for the print media – and, where the story is good enough, regional TV and radio – but also for websites, facebook, blogs, digital etc.
Also the client owns their especially commissioned picture and can use it for whatever purpose they like.
Most businesses have so little time to think about publicity, they do not even have a compelling picture to use should anybody from the media ever ask for one.
Frequently a third rate illustration, often provided free by a friend or relative, is offered. Even if useable, the business instantly gets a poor image, given the power of any first impression.
thewritestuff‘s website explains how we go about it go about it when organising a press release and picture for our clients aimed at making the best impact possible.
We know you’ll like what you see. As well as the VFM (value for money)!

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