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Riverside Studio
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Founded in 2005 Pd-m is a highly experience innovation, product design, prototyping and manufacturing business.

We work with a range of organisations including individuals, start-ups, manufacturers, PLC's, Universities, Design Council and the NHS.

Our skills and experience cover various industry sectors including industrial, consumer, nursery, medical, electronics and healthcare.

We have the agility to design, develop and bring to market products which are innovative, user centred, fit-for-purpose and commercially cost effective.

Work Examples

Hugo, Access Platform

Following a change in H&S regulations, ladders became unacceptable to use in the working environment. Vizstark spotted an opportunity for a product idea they knew could fill the gap ladders left, they just needed our help to make it a reality.

Rockit, Baby Rocker

The Rockit is a portable baby rocker that can be safely attached and used with any pushchair, stroller, buggy or pram. It was the brainchild of three regular dads, who wanted our support to bring it to life.

Obstetric Forceps

Forceps are a very primitive yet effective technology and haven’t essentially changed since their invention in 1752. But they have a problem: In a high-pressure adrenaline situation - 3am and after a long protracted labour– it’s impossible to know precisely when to stop. Following a full product development cycle we came up the the solution.

Intra-Abdominal Retraction Platform

The IARP is an internal scaffold structure that, through a port, aids procedures in laparoscopic surgery. It started with an idea by a leading surgeon and a very expensive prototype. Through eight evolutions of development, we had made it easier and more effective to use, and reduced manufacture cost to 100th of the initial prototype.

Client Testimonials

From the initial fact find through to proof-of-concepts, meeting and selecting potential suppliers, testing and final approval, they were excellent. Demonstrating creative thinking and innovative problem solving, with an eye to cost at all times.

- Viztark

"We commissioned Pd-m to convert a medical device concept into an innovative, realisable and manufacturable product for licensing. They worked with a multidisciplinary team including researchers, surgeons and commercial partners to achieve the desired outcome. They are a professional innovation consultancy and I can highly recommend them."

- University of Leeds

We selected Richard due to his work with the Design Council and Pd-m’s experience in nursery products. They took our original concept then carried out product development, in-house prototyping, engineering and design-for-manufacture. Pd-m are highly focused, experienced and dedicated and have really helped us on our journey to market.

- Rockit

Pd-m share our fundamental value, that user-needs are at the heart of any design project, especially in the complex field of new medical technology. They have the rare ability of converting ideas into fit-for-purpose, technically sound and commercially viable solutions.

- Devices for Dignity

As our Design Council mentor, Richard assisted us through the process, helping us articulate our concept, advising on strategic decisions and also introducing us to key contacts in the industry. With his help we became one of the top three candidates and received extra funding. He was a pleasure to work with and is a highly experienced, motivated and passionate mentor.

- Ding Labs

We commissioned Pd-m to help with a feasibility study for a medical device and can honestly say that it has been a pleasure working with them. I was impressed by their ability, excellent deliverables and can-do attitude, and would definitely recommend them in taking a conceptual design to commercialisation.

- Loughborough University

We commissioned Pd-m for a critical piece of design and development work on the first generation of the Mobility with Dignity patient system. Our main concern at the time was finding an external team who could work seamlessly integrate with our own in-house R&D people. We need not have worried. It was a real pleasure working with Pd-m who delivered effective results in every area we needed them to.

- Mobility with Dignity

Richard and his team have provided vital insights into the design and user acceptance of each of our products. Working with them continues to provide valuable insight in supporting the development of innovative technologies to support and benefit patients with colorectal disease.


Richard delivered a series of talks to the Design Products students here at the RCA. As a practising designer he has provided valuable insight into the various aspects of product design through to commercialisation. The process has allowed students to think about how they will engage with industry as they enter a professional practice.

- Royal College of Art

Richard is a Lead mentor for SPARK, the Design Council’s product support programme and innovation fund. He plays an essential role in guiding the teams and contributes to making SPARK a unique experience for aspiring product entrepreneurs.

- Design Council

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