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E3 Design, Unit 8, Walker Davison House
High Street, Newburn
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8LN

E3 Design was formed in 2007 in the heart of Newcastle.

As an Industrial Design consultancy, we have a passion for user driven design and believe our key offering is our ability to implement our technical knowledge early into the design process. This strengthens our initial design proposals, giving the products we design the best possible chance to make it to market with the original vision intact.

We have an innovative and creative design team with a proven record of delivering products. Our designers have specialist skills in product/industrial design and development, with particular skills in design for plastic injection moulding and high volume manufacture. Additionally we have developed specialist design skills in plastic mechanisms and drinking fluid dispensing applications. While all our designers have their own particular skills and strengths, all are very capable throughout our process from concept generation through to DFM.

E3 Design has a wealth of experience in Consumer Product, Structural Packaging, Medical, Lighting, Industrial, DFM and even Fashion. This variety of experience allows us to better inform all of our work while still maintaining fresh and creative ideas.

Work Examples

Centurion Son of Height Master

E3design were commissioned to create a stylish new ‘working at height’ helmet. We worked alongside Centurion’s in-house team to distil all their many years of product knowledge into a new vision and direction for them. Our designers generated over 30 new concepts while working alongside the clients marketing team to produce an aesthetically pleasing and functional piece of work-wear. The helmet is ergonomically designed and streamlined to be as effective in the work place as it is on a mountaineers head when tackling a cliff face. We carried out FEA to ensure the helmet met all the distortion and impact loads and ticked all the health and safety requirements prior to tooling the product.

Tommee Tippee

E3 Design was selected by Tommee Tippee® to help design and develop a new range of children’s drinking cups and a unique, patentable non-spill valve. The new non-spill valve had to be innovative and exclusive to Tommee Tippee®: non spill, easy drinking were a priority. The patented valve is used across a range of non-spill cups. The aesthetic designs were created to evolve the already strong visual appeal found across the current range. The designs have a sense of personality and character, almost giving the cups life like qualities. The new range also visually grows up with the child, the sporty and insulated cups have similar styling cues to the weaning cups with an extra element of excitement for independent kids

Eriks Paddles

This product was developed to replace an existing multi part aluminium suction box for the filling of cappuccino sachets. We liaised with tooling and material suppliers to achieve a very ergonomic and functional component that fulfilled the cleanliness and food safety requirements. The added benefits of using plastic components delivered considerable power savings, combined with added improvement of performance and massively reduced maintenance costs.

Ojee Talon

Anyone who has played golf will know that it can be a frustrating game at times. One day you are finding it impossible to hit a bad shot and the next it’s impossible to hit a good shot. What’s changed? Ojee Golf approached e3 with a concept for a new training aid to help with this very problem. The Talon is a revolutionary device that gives you real-time visual feedback on your angles of address. This improves your chances of repeating that perfect shot. Working to a short lead-time, e3 worked closely with Ojee Golf and their electronics supplier on the initial concept to ensure we had the right technical approach. The size of the device was critical and a lot of effort was made to ensure the device was as small as possible. Having agreed many details early on we were able to rapidly progress the design to a production ready level and meet the deadline for Ojee’s important trade shows.

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